Disney Vacation Club

Disney, a world leader in family entertainment, added timeshares to their portfolio of products in 1991. Their resorts, like everything else they do, are all about kids and families... creating an experience with atmosphere and design that is uniquely Disney.

Disney Vacation Club operates on a point system. Vacation points can be used to reserve weeks within the Disney family of timeshare resorts, as well as some Disney hotels and cruises.

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Points for Sale: Disney Vacation Club (DVC Points)

Timeshares points/credits for sale by owner. All Disney Vacation Club (DVC Points) rules, restrictions and limitations apply.

Points Allotment Banked Anniversary Use Type Price  
Points:  100
Banked: 100 Anniv: December Use: Annual Type: Deed Price: $11,500 View posting
Points:  100 RedWeek Verified
Banked: 0 Anniv: June Use: Annual Type: RTU Price: $29,000 Sold
Points:  160
Banked: 0 Anniv: February Use: Annual Type: RTU Price: $25,125 View posting
Points:  190
Banked: 0 Anniv: April Use: Annual Type: RTU Price: $20,520 View posting

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