Ask RedWeek / January, 2022

Is 60 days enough time to rent my week?

I just realized we can't use our week, but check-in is less than 60 days away, so I am limited in my options. Is it too late to find a renter for it?

Despite what you might think, the 60-day window before check-in is not necessarily too late to get it rented. With travel trends returning to normal and RedWeek bookings on the rise in 2022, owners may be able to successfully post their weeks somewhat last-minute... just not "full-service".

How Far in Advance Do Renters Book?

Based on our renters' historic booking activity, we typically see most people book their vacations between 60-85 days out. During the very first week of 2022 — one of our highest booking weeks of the year — most rental bookings were for check-ins in February and March.

A full 33% of rental bookings were for check-ins within 60 days. Locations that historically had a longer lead time (island destinations like Hawaii and Aruba) are now leading these last-minute bookings. Florida, Utah, and California are also very popular destinations in this timeframe. Travelers are seizing the day and booking their trips much closer in.

Travel Trends Are Returning to (And Surpassing) Pre-Pandemic Levels

Although booking trends throughout 2021 followed COVID ups and down, so far we have seen that booking patterns for 2022 have mostly returned to normal. Our top resorts have once again risen to their pre-pandemic level of popularity among renters and people are beginning to feel more comfortable going on vacation again, and venturing further from home.

How Late is Too Late?

If you were hoping to use our full-service rental program, 60 days out is, unfortunately, too late to get your rental posted. Since we do upfront verification that can take some time, we can’t post your reservations within the last 60 days.

If you have flexibility to manage it yourself, you can post your rental as a DIY and have it up today. Verification, if purchased, will still take a few days to show up on your posting. If you want to use RedWeek's online booking, just be aware that online booking has to come off of all rentals 10 days before check-in, due to the time needed to process bookings.

2022 Will Be a Record-Breaking Year

As owners consider renting their weeks out on, it is also worth noting that our 2022 bookings have already surpassed our previous records. Based on our current data forecasting, this next year has all the markings of being our highest booking year yet.

Looking forward to 2022, we already have 4x as many bookings as we did in 2019 (which was our highest booking year to date).

So, even if your week is less than 60-days out, get it posted as a DIY rental as soon as possible to take advantage of the current surge in rental bookings.

Comments (2)

    Avatar for Bobby K.
    Bobby K.
    Jan 25, 2022

    I have available weeks in June and July. How soon should I post my rental?

    Avatar for RedWeek Support
    RedWeek Support
    Jan 25, 2022

    Bobby: If you are using the full-service option, the posting will remain active until 10 days prior to the check-in date, so with this option there is no reason not to post your weeks as soon as possible.

    DIY postings run for six months, so if you are using this option, you might consider posting six months in advance of the check-in date.