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Please search forums before posting
by Marty F

34,816 0 12 years ago

King's Creek Plantation Unethical Sales Tactics
by Joan M.

22,473 50 2 days ago

Global Exchange Vacation Club -- Termination advice.
by M D.

61,831 112 2 days ago

Any opinions on Global Exchange Vacation Club?
by Harrison R.

158,849 258 2 weeks ago

BlueGreen Vacations Timeshare Scam Warning!!!
by Rodney W.

89,996 57 2 weeks ago

Need Advice. How to tell if something is a fraud / scam trap.
by Jeff W.

41 0 3 weeks ago

Worldwide Property Transfer, LLC
by Arthur B.

15,343 34 3 weeks ago

raintree vacation club
by Yvonne M.

80,838 115 1 month ago

Suitelife Vacations anyone?
by Rosina M.

23,819 136 1 month ago

International Brokers Inc. Scam? said they have a buyer - burned before in scam?
by Shirley Y.

11,938 45 2 months ago

Sedona Pines (Sedona, AZ) refuses to honor a written offer to sign over membership with no fee
by Stacy N.

149 1 2 months ago

by Scott N.

72 0 2 months ago

Global Vacation Trade - Miami, Florida
by Shirley S.

11,311 26 2 months ago

Anyone heard of Helios Commodity purchasing timeshares?
by Michael M.

1,291 15 3 months ago

Helios Commodities
by Melinda W.

90 1 3 months ago

(Vacation limitless) First company who actually helps me get rid of my timeshare
by Marty B.

4,847 41 3 months ago

1031 Exchange
by Glenn M.

119 0 4 months ago

RCI & a class action lawsuit
by Lee S.

4,137 5 4 months ago

Wyndham's new "Ovation" program offers exit solutions for their owners... interested?
by Kylie K.

197,172 802 5 months ago

GLOBAL EXCHANGE VACATION CLUB - How are they still in business?
by Daniel G.

30,705 73 5 months ago

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