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Breckenridge Grand Vacations questions for current owners



Sep 20, 2020

After a great visit to CO this summer, we're considering a resale purchase of a unit at Grand Lodge on Peak 7.

Might any current owners know the answers to the following: (1) With summer floating weeks, when does the following reservation year open? (i.e., what date in 2020 can a resale owner book their 2021 summer date?) (2) Are additional paid nights available to owners at a discount? (3) Any other quirks in the BGV system one should know before making a resale offer? (I know you can't do day use at Grand Lodge or Grand Colorado, but anything else to keep in mind?)

Thank you.

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Tom T.



Sep 22, 2020

I see you haven't received any responses to your post . Try contacting the resort , They will probably answer all your questions for you .

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Don P.



Mar 07, 2021

I know this is an older post but, in case someone is still interested: At Breckenridge Grand Vacations you submit a list of 15 dates that will work for you a year in advance of your ownership year. Then in January they assign you one of those weeks. If you are booking summer dates, you will probably have no problem getting one of your first few choices.

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Terrie G.

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