The Cliffs at Peace Canyon

Las Vegas, Nevada

The Cliffs at Peace Canyon

Las Vegas, Nevada

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  • The Cliffs at Peace Canyon is true to its name with comfortable, quiet timeshare accommodations less than eight miles from the Las Vegas Strip. The resort offers one- and two-bedroom units with a fully appointed kitchen equipped with dishwasher, range, coffee maker, toaster, full-size refrigerator, and microwave.

    On chilly nights, enjoy time under the stars by the outdoor fireplace and entertainment center; a perfect opportunity to meet other guests. The Cliffs also provides guests with an outdoor pool and spa with tranquil water features, an exercise facility, community computers with Internet access, and an on-site laundry facility.

    As the entertainment capitol of the world, there is always something to do, day or night, in Las Vegas. Enjoy theme hotels like Excalibur, Treasure Island, and the Luxor, eat to excess at any of the outstanding buffets, or shop until you drop at Caesars Palace.

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    • Avatar for cheryl964
      By cheryl964 Aug 29, 2010

      We were athe Cliffs of Peace Canyon in February 2010 and as always,in the past, we totally enjoyed our stay and the wonderful staff. The beds in our unit were indeed Queen size with beautiful clean linens - as expected! The unit was very clean and bright! We enjoy the pool and hot tub and know is it heated and open 12 months of the year so we aren't in for an disappointments there! Ithas never been over crowded when we were there!There was coffee and tea in our unit on arrival!

      There have been some extensive upgrades in furniture and decorating in the year so the pictures on the website are outdated. There is more of a contemporary theme now.

      This is the place to stay for a vacation away from the strip, with easy access by shuttle to both the strip and old Vegas. The shuttle will also drop you off for shopping on request.The large 24 hour grocery store near by is a nice bonus too!

      We found the staff wonderful and because this is a relatively small resort, the atmosphere is friendly. We have met people from all over the world and never heard of one complaint from any of them!

      We will continue to stay at the Cliffs along with our family and friends!

    • Avatar for sinc
      By sinc Jun 26, 2010

      The municipal bus stops on the corner, and I was able to take it to the strip each morning early. Got back in the evening via the resort's shuttle bus. But it's a long way to the strip. Was attending a trade show. This was an RCI exchange. Nice place.The only complaint is the lack of free wireless as is provided by most timeshare resorts today (including mine). The extra charge for wireless was outrageous.

    • Avatar for rpmather
      By rpmather May 18, 2008

      Stayed there the second week of May '08. The resort is an easy 15 minute drive to "the strip" and they do have shuttle buses that must be booked in advance. There are good restauraunts nearby, Red Rock National Park is 16 miles and it is interesting to see the "real" side of Vegas - shopping malls, nice housing developements etc. Staff was friendly and accommodating, the ground-floor 2 bedroom was very large, clean and well-stocked. I was traveling on business but this would be a good place to stay with a family that wanted some strip exposure but wanted a more well-rounded vacation. Very nice BBQ area. If you want just the strip that is where you should stay. This resort is for a more balanced vacation.

    • Avatar for mike1001
      By mike1001 Updated Jun 24, 2007

      We stayed the second week of June, 2007 on an exchange. The resort is located 8 miles (20 min) due west of the strip and an easy direct drive to Las Vegas Blvd. We found our upstairs 2 bedroom unit wonderful with large rooms, sizable bathrooms, a nicely equipped kitchen and laundry with washer and drier. The resort is quiet and peaceful. The staff friendly and helpful. Everything was neat, clean and tidy. We will be staying again at the Cliffs on our next trip to Vegas.

    • Avatar for susiev4
      By susiev4 May 1, 2007

      I love the location. Rooms were nice and large and we enjoyed having access to a computer. Great restaurants nearby. Just far enough off the strip, but a couple of casino nearby. A safe and beautiful area to walk in.

    • Avatar for smith2601
      By smith2601 Jan 20, 2007

      We stayed there January 2007 during Las Vegas coldest winter weeks. The staff is nice and helpful. The timeshare is 8 miles from the strip and the shuttle runs every hour. You must make reservations to ride on the shuttle. The 2 bedrooms were comfortable and roomy. The cabinets were dated and need replacing. The fireplace was a nice touch. The timeshare is within walking distance to a nice shopping area - Target, Sears, Joe's Crab Shack. Overall, we enjoyed our stay.

    • Avatar for bevs12
      By bevs12 Updated Sep 13, 2006

      We have stayed here three times and all times were wonderful. The resort has a lot to offer in location. The last time was November 2005. We were very comfortable in the almost apartment like unit. My Husband is 6'4 and his dad wa also and fit comfortably in the queen beds. Even a Tv in each bedroom. The sofabed was as all sofabeds a sofabed. Nothing to scream about .No sofabed is comfortable. The pool was large and comfortable for about 20 people at a time. The jacuzzi is great! I last stayed there in November 2004 and 2003 also. The only complaint was the road construction, and that can't be helped by the management. These units are more like a home away from home, and should be treated that way. You have a washer & dryer in each unit with a separate room off the kitchen, GREAT. wonderful bathrooms with room for more than one person in front of the mirror. The decorating is nice in Golds and deep reds and very well kept. As for a previous reviewer, go stay in a $400 a night suite on the strip if you don't like it. It is geared to be more like a home. The complex was never an apartment complex as I bought mine when it was being built. It is a deeded timeshare, and was built with that in mind. The units are so large, that some people bought them as condos and have lived there comfortably since they were built a few years ago. Cliffs are one of the best deals in timeshares in Vegas!

    • Avatar for scootercarter
      By scootercarter Updated Jan 17, 2006

      If you read the other reviews you will find, not only a more positive rating, but a better description of thier visit to the Cliffs at Peace Canyon. This resort is what it advertises to be, a resort away from the hustle of the night life with a serene and relaxing atmosphere and ammenities. Great Resort overall!!!

    • Avatar for paml9
      By paml9 Jan 11, 2006

      It has been almost a year since we were there but we were very comfortable. Plenty of room in the bed for both of us and it was very comfortable. Also enjoyed the pool, the balcony, the barbeques, and the recreation room. Did feel that perhaps the sales people stretched the truth a little but they weren't the resort employees. It was very clean and quiet and safe. (It even passed the barefoot test) Not like a little cramped up hotel room.

    • Avatar for helen73
      By helen73 Updated Nov 27, 2005

      The Cliffs= ATROCIOUS, cheap quality and customer unfriendly. Those adjectives describe this resort to a T.

      Although the grounds are lovely and the units look good at first glance - decorated in red, gold and beige, this resort is NOT worth swapping into or renting from as there are far nicer places available in Vegas. Plus I think they are going broke or are in poor financial condition. What's worse, they lie to guests which is what prompted this rating.

      Here's why: We were going away for a RESTFUL vacation. Sleep is what we were after so we stayed OFF the strip.. The resort told me all beds were queens. We found out they weren't - they were DOUBLES!

      When I complained and told them I had called and wanted a queen as I was told, the manager of the resort lied and stated that I had a SMALL QUEEN BED. Baloney! A double is a double and a LIE is a LIE. Fraudulent advertising? I caught the manager in a LIE which bodes poorly for this resort and its owners! If they lie about bed size what else will they lie about?

      All beds at this resort are DOUBLES and that is ALL they have. Does this tell you something? It should! Think CHEAP with a layer of cosmetic color disguising the poor management and a serious lack of unit comforts!!

      As m.francis in his rating below states - "the resort is operating on a shoestring" and I quite agree - they cut costs and comforts everywhere and are doing nothing to improve the complaints they have. We won't be going back and I am telling everyone I know and on all websites about this resort. I can see now why I was offered a two bedroom prime time week for $5,000. Owners are desperate to dump this resort and I can see why.

      BEDS: With the bed and sleeper sofa being doubles, no one over 5'10" can sleep on them - they are too small. Feet hang off the end. To fit, you MUST sleep on the diagonal meaning only ONE can sleep on the bed. Sleeping space is ONLY 26 inches - less sleeping space than a twin bed which is 36 inches.

      The fold out couch in the living room looked good at first glance, but turned out to be old, over used and worn out. The bar running across the bed raised your knees higher than your hips and the THIN, SAGGING mattress has NO support in the middle of the bed. This makes your hips sink and you have to sleep in fetal position or makes you sleep as if you are in a bowl. The only way to sleep is sideways between the bars. Anyone over 5'4" could not fit on this bed if you slept sideways to avoid the bars or to get some comfort.

      The resort does things on the "cheap" They do NOT give any bath amenities such as shampoo or lotion. They do NOT put coffee packs or tea in the units and you must pay $ 1.00 for each one you want. Even Motel 6 gives bath amenities! Think CHEAP and money desperate when you think of this resort!

      The postage stamp size pool is not big enough for all the units at the resort. The picture looks great but the pool is much smaller. On a hot day you would not even have enough room to stand in it much less swim when all guests want to use the pool.

      EVen worse, The hot tub doesn't seem to be checked for chemicals on any schedule that I could see. This could result in bacteria and disease being spread to guests and possible lawsuits. It is also so small - only about four to six people can fit in it comfortably at one time.

      Their continental breakfast is coffee and donughts and unless you get there the moment they put food out, they do not refill. Think ten minutes on food and coffee availability.

      The maintenance is poor. The unit we stayed in had a stool that almost collapsed when I sat on it. Its weld had been broken, and had been repaired once with screws that didn't hold it tightly together. It gave way as I sat on it. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen and the manager could have cared less but the owners should as they will foot the bill for any suit. The manager did not have it fixed the entire time we were there - nor could it be used safely.

      The blind in the bedroom was broken and as mentioned above, the sofas and mattresses are OLD and worn. You sag down into the frame when you sit on the sofas and an older guest would have trouble getting up and out of it without help.

      One of three computers were constantly "broken" and the furniture in the "common room" again was old and saggy. The computers blank out after fifteen minutes which is a pain - this is barely time to check in, read email and reply.

      I wasn't the only one to complain - one family of six large adults in a two bedroom unit were as disgusted as I was with the small beds. They also were told that they had queens and will not be back - they swapped their units in Hawaii for this resort and were furious!

      The resort has lots of potential as the units are large, its location cannot be beat for seeing the natural canyons and etc. However, better resorts of better quality such as the Jockey Club and the Polo Towers are available right on the strip.

      Don't buy, don't swap and don't stay here unless you want to sleep single in a saggy double bed!

      This resort was once a former apartment complex and with pool enlargement, attention to maintenance and customer comfort, and new beds could be a nice resort for the "quiet" Vegas crowd, but as it stands and is managed now = ATROCIOUS!

    • Avatar for tchrspet
      By tchrspet Dec 22, 2004

      We are a family of four and planned a Christmas family reunion here. There was plenty of room in the two bedroom unit for 20 plus family members. We were able to cook a full meal in the well-appointed kitchen. The place is simply gorgeous. Beautiful furniture, wall hangings, and flooring. There is an enornmous (bigger than some time share bedrooms we've seen) walk-in closet off the master bedroom.

      The bathrooms are huge with a huge tub and walk in showers. The pool area is exquisite with twin fountains spouting pool water. This was the second stay here. One in summer, and one this December. Both were great. It's an honest 20 plus minutes to the strip, which may be a disadvantage to gamblers. In the morning the place is overrun by staff cleaning every nook and cranny.

      The upstairs units also have the beautiful tile floors, but make them noisier to those downstairs. We've stayed upstairs and down, and make sure you order an upstairs unit. The staff is fantastic. The noise from upstairs is the only reason I did not give it a five star rating.

    • Avatar for jpm
      By jpm Updated Sep 15, 2004

      Very nice resort - well maintained. Wish there had been a king bed in the master bedroom instead of a queen. Lots of closet space. Nicely decorated. Pool a little small but adequate. Nice grills to use at back of pool area. Staff very helpful. Having a computer room was great in terms of staying in touch.

      This is an apt. complex that was turned into a timeshare resort - they did a nice job.

      About a 15-20 minute ride to the strip which was not bad. Being outside of the strip was good in terms of seeing other things. We went to Red Rock Canyon and The Hoover Dam which were both good.

      I would go back.

    • Avatar for mmkc53
      By mmkc53 Updated Jul 16, 2004

      Visited the week of July 4th, 2004. The place was fabulous. Beautiful 2 BDR with 2 Bath. Full kitchen, living room, & dining room. The staff will accommodate your every wish. They offer great prices on discount tickets for shows and attractions. Has a computer room or can go on line at your place. No elevators but only two story condos. Depending on who is booked upstairs and their sensitivity towards others, you can hear walking around, jumping, hopping, furniture moving if you are in a ground floor unit. (Usually kids) You can ask front desk to block the room upstairs for adults only and they will do that. Not much for kids to do but they do have a beautiful pool, some weekly activities, and free shuttle to & from grocery store and Strip. Visited Death Valley & Red Rock Canyon. Facinating! Would definitely stay there again when in Vegas. A memory to treasure.

    • Avatar for bruceawford
      By bruceawford Feb 24, 2004

      We have just returned to the UK after staying 2 weeks at 'The Cliffs'. It was our third visit to Las Vegas and we are not gamblers...! The description of the resort is fair - it is very peaceful - ideal for 'seniors' - maybe not for families. The units are very good, but don't expect a nice view from the window or balcony because the 'blocks' are close together. The free shuttle service to the Strip is very efficient, but the first one doesn't go until 12.15pm so you lose half a day. Much better to have a car then you can visit the wonderful canyons nearby and also the Hoover Dam. The information provided is good, but our 'welcome meeting' was awful - the guy gave no information and was too stressed out to be interested..! Beware the 'sales presentation' - they catch you off guard as you check in, and, as usual, a half day is wasted unless you really want another week...?

    • Avatar for tonybates
      By tonybates Oct 7, 2003

      Although several miles from the strip so suggest a hire car The Cliffs lives up to its name for peace. Beautifully turned out rooms with all facillities that you would need, gorgeous pool and Spar.

      If no transport a minibus takes you shopping or to the strip and they also have organised trips downtown etc. Best resort I have ever stayed in

    • Avatar for mikay
      By mikay Aug 8, 2003

      Though this resort is off the Strip, it allows you to experience Las Vegas and the surrounding Nevada nature. There is a fabulous close up view of the red rocks while at this resort that when on the strip cannot be seen. A shuttle provides transportation to the Strip and returns you to the quiet serenity. The suites are fully equpped and modern. We never realized how beautiful the area is until we stayed at this resort.

    • Avatar for bigeyes1
      By bigeyes1 Updated May 24, 2003

      First of all, we are owners at this resort. So, our opinions may be a bit biased, but I will try to be as honest as I can.

      Cliffs at Peace Canyon is situated in an upscale residential community. This resort is about a 20 minute drive from the strip. If you are looking for a resort that is not on the strip and want some "quiet time" while in Las Vegas, then The Cliffs at Peace Canyon will suit your needs perfectly.

      This resort provides daily complimentary shuttle to the strip (at different locations), Freemont Street, and to the Smith's grocery store at different scheduled times. It is strongly advised for you to make reservations due to limited seating. On a more positive note, we were told they will soon be upgrading their van (their shuttle) to a larger sized vehicle where it has an aisle down the middle. This will definitely be an improvement.

      One word of advice: If you are looking to go beyond the shuttle destinations, then a rental car is advised.

      The one bedroom units are 910 sq. ft. that sleeps four people. The two bedroom units are 1,145 sq. ft. that sleeps up to six people. When we first saw the units, we were awestruck. Our first impression was "elegance".

      Each unit is decorated in a desert oasis style. They are fully furnished and have nine foot ceilings that enhances their transom windows. Ceramic tiles in living areas. Gas fireplaces in some units. Full sized washer and dryer in every unit. Ceiling fan in living room. There is an entertainment center complete with large, computer ready television, video cassette player, and a compact disc stereo system. There are additional televisions in the each of the bedrooms. Each unit also has furnished balconies or patios.

      As for their onsite amenities, they are a bit limited. They offer a fitness center, billards table, beautiful pool, spa and water features. An outdoor fireplace and entertainment area, four gas barbecue grills, and a computer room. So, if you have small children or teenagers, they may find this resort a little boring if the above features sounds lacking.

      Another thing that impressed me was their computer room. It is open 24 hours with free internet access. So, if you didn't feel like carrying your laptop while on vacation, then you can still access the internet. What convenience!!!

      We bought our timeshare week sight unseen. After viewing The Cliffs at Peace Canyon, we were certainly reassured of our purchase with them. Can't wait to visit our home resort again!!

    • Avatar for richard2
      By richard2 Jan 9, 2003

      Fabulous outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi - great in summer or December. Marvelous location from which to see New Year's fireworks. Have various kids activities and crafts during week. Great new apartments, mall and restaurants being built across street. Terrific van service to Strip. Large and lovely accommodations. Absolutely wonderful staff. Free computers and internet access. Have stayed there twice already and will return again!

    • Avatar for mfrancis
      By mfrancis Updated Jan 1, 2003

      These developers are working on a shoe string - Beware!

    • Avatar for interlaaken
      By interlaaken Nov 13, 2002

      This resort was nice but did not have any activities for children (or anyone else) They seem to be relying on their location to fill spaces. It is a prior residential apartment building which is under current renovation. The units are very nice and the grounds are very well maintained. The pool was clean and BBQ's were readily available. It was about a 20 minute drive to the strip. We would not likely return to this one.

  • On-Site
    • Accessible Units
    • BBQ Area
    • Clubhouse
    • Fitness Center
    • Game Room
    • Internet Access
    • Outdoor Pool
    • Shared Laundry Facilities
    • Whirlpool/Hot Tub
    • Bar (0.5 miles)
    • Casino (3 miles)
    • Golf (1 mile)
    • Grocery Store (1 mile)
    • Horseback Riding (5 miles)
    • Lake
    • Live Entertainment (3 miles)
    • Medical Facilities (2 miles)
    • Movie Theater (2.5 miles)
    • Restaurant (1 mile)
    • Shopping Area (1 mile)
  • 4550 S. Grand Canyon Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89147
    • Resort
    • Resort cluster
    Accuracy not guaranteed. Contact the resort to confirm the address before making plans.
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