Use of Hotel Facilities

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By nazclk

Use of Hotel Facilities

Has anyone heard one way or the other about our use beginning in 2010

Avatar for nazclk nazclk

8 years ago
Dec 19, 2009

By sharon550

Use of Hotel Facilities

I stayed at the Desert Spring villas I in Feb and March this year. Both times they allowed owners to use the pool facilities at a cost. It was $10 per person per day. They also offered a package deal for around a $100 a week for a family of four. The other hotel facilities like the restaurants and bar were open to everyone. Hope this helps!

Avatar for sharon550 sharon550

7 years ago
Apr 30, 2011

By avaj3

Use of Hotel Facilities

We were there in March 2012. The hotel allows Villas Guests to use the pools and spa on the week days at no charge. During the weekends I think it was $35.

Use of the spa was really nice, but frankly, we enjoyed our villa pools better!

Avatar for avaj3 avaj3

6 years ago
Apr 17, 2012

By lauras187

Desert Springs 1 now has use of the JW pools and fitness center as it did in the past. There has been a five-year contract signed per our June 2012 owner's letter. Before the five year contract expires, there will be a determination as to whether the owners want to enter a new contract or save the money and not participate. I hope it continues as it is a wonderful fitness center, although I love the villa pools the most as they are never crowded or noisy and are beautiful and almost private.

The Desert Springs 2 complex has use of the JW tennis courts, the fee is huge and the usage is minimum not sure how long the contract will continue as the amount of money expended hardly seems to be worthwhile. That was in the owners letter for June, 2012.

Avatar for lauras187 lauras187

6 years ago
Jun 20, 2012

Message deleted.

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5 years ago
Jun 27, 2013

By trish88

I just looked at my confirmation for March 2016 and there is a notice stating hotel access may not be available. Does any one know the current status of Villas 1 using the hotel pools and gym? It had been allowed Monday to Friday but I am not sure if this has changed. Is this because the timeshare is no longer affiliated with the hotel? Thanks

Avatar for trish88 trish88

2 years ago
Nov 29, 2015

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