beach chairs and maid service

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By karent287

beach chairs and maid service

My family of 5 will be going to the surf club and the end of December. I understand getting a beach chair is very difficult. Is this true? What is the best way for me to reserve a chair? Is there a fee for chairs? Is there shade or umbrellas on the beach? If there are umbrellas, is there a fee involved? Is there daily maid service? Should I make dinner reservations before we leave? Thanks for any help you can give me.

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9 years ago
Aug 14, 2009

By fredb90

beach chairs and maid service

There are pleanty of lounge chairs and all have bimini tops so no real need for umbrella. Hope you get this in time for your trip-no cost. Maid service is free one time but you have more if you want to pay. They will supply extra toilet paper, soap, etc

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8 years ago
Dec 19, 2009

By kelly462

beach chairs and maid service

Do they replenish towels daily?

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6 years ago
Dec 19, 2011

By jenniferv146

beach chairs and maid service

Beach towels yes, bath towels no.

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6 years ago
Dec 19, 2011

By richardt281

How do you rent the umbrellas at the surf club that are ocean front?

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6 years ago
Dec 27, 2011

By kellyo71

you should def make dinner reservations before you leave, they are really busy there and yu wouldnt want to turn up and not be seeated :)

Kelly Owen

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6 years ago
Jan 12, 2012

Message deleted.

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1 year ago
Jul 11, 2017

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