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What Makes Hawaii Such a Prime Vacation Destination?

Hawaii… just the word brings a sense of ease and relaxation as you visualize crystal blue oceans, swaying palm trees and a warm tropical breeze on your skin. One of the most common reasons people make the decision to purchase a timeshare is to have the promise of an idyllic Hawaiian vacation in their back… View Article

How to: Travel With Your Pet

Now that you have booked your beautiful timeshare vacation rental and purchased your plane tickets, you glance up from your phone to see your pup’s adoring eyes gazing up at you from behind your screen. That one step in the vacation planning process we all forget until the very end: What to do with your… View Article

10 Beautiful Fall Vacation Stays

Autumn is a great time to book a vacation for many reasons, a few of which include: lower travel prices, fewer crowds, and vibrant views as the trees change color. Here are some of our favorite timeshares for you to choose from this fall.

Timeshares — Not Just for Boomers Anymore

The demographic of new timeshare buyers has changed. While conventional wisdom may say timeshare owners / members are an older demographic, it isn’t entirely true. Though many boomers are still enjoying their timeshare, some are at the age where they may want to pass it on to family or put it on the market to… View Article

Is it Safe to Travel to the Dominican Republic?

Since April, the news media has reported daily on a series of tourist deaths at Dominican Republic resorts. Most involve tourists who drank something from the resort’s mini bar. Wide-ranging theories about what happened to them include alcohol poisoning, bootleg liquor laced with battery acid, and cyanide. What’s happening in this beautiful idyllic island? Is… View Article

Top 10 Most-Booked Resorts for Summer

RedWeek members are booking their summer vacations to some amazing spots! We present to you the official Top 10 most-booked resort destinations for summer. If you haven’t booked your summer trip yet, don’t worry – these resorts all still have weeks available, but they won’t last long.

Timeshare Execs Bullish on Growth and Owner Satisfaction

Fifty years old and going strong! That is the take-home message from the timeshare industry’s annual gathering of execs, sales and marketing folks who gathered here recently to celebrate the industry’s accomplishments during its tenth consecutive year of growth. At the same time, the industry’s leading CEOs lambasted the emergence of exit companies that take… View Article

House Sharing: Timeshare Industry Expands Into New Market

House sharing networks and sites have gained popularity at lightning speed. A decade ago, travelers were limited to hotels, resorts, and timeshares as vacation options.   When house sharing apps came along, Marriott was the first major brand to take notice of the home exchange demand. The Homes and Villas by Marriott International is its… View Article

Vacation Experience: Travelers Enjoy Urban Areas

While beach vacations remain popular, trends show travelers booking trips in urban areas. New York, Portland, and Boston are a few cities vacationers enjoy to visit for the historical and cultural experiences.    The Marriott understands the demand for city-centric properties. In response, the brand created the Marriott Vacation Club Pulse, a collection of timeshares… View Article